maruthi orphanage

Currently, there are 70 kids in our big family.

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The trust is led by Founder & General Secretary MRS. VIJAYA

Maruthi old age and orphanage welfare society is a home for girls who are orphans, semi-orphans, abandoned and needy children from the slums and streets of Andhrapradesh and Telangana. It was founded by Mss.Vijaya in 2008 registered with the government of Telangana, Regd.No.29/2008. Official name of our orphanage is Maruthi old age and orphanage welfare society.

donations for Old Age Homes

The seventy kids of Care & Love receive a roof over their heads, clothes on their bodies, education for a future, and a family to learn, love, play, and grow up with.
Our organization strives to help vulnerable children by providing them with Nutrition food, clothing, Shelter, education, and reliable health care, regardless of religion and social caste. Maruthi Orphanage has been operating since 2008 with the ultimate mission of bringing hope and happiness in the lives of neglected and Les Privileged children.

Individual bank accounts are open for their future. Sponsor can deposit the amount to their own bank account. All the donations are exempted by 80G.

donations for Old Age Homes

Special thanks to SPANDANA CHARITABLE TRUST and one of our active volunteer VASUNDARA and residential group of MYHOME JEWEL community.

A day when you sleep with a satisfaction of having given something to someone, who can never return it to a day lived well.